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Abou Assi Medical Center was established in (1990) by Adel Abou Assi MD (1942-2020). Dr. Abou Assi was a graduate of A University in Munich, Germany. He moved to the US in 1970 and became a pediatrics resident at Kings Daughters Hospital in Norfolk, VA. After residency and American Board Certification, Dr. Adel established a successful pediatrics practice in Licoln, Illinois.

His love for his homeland and particularly his birthplace, Maaser El Chouf, drove his plans to return to Lebanon and help his country. Those plans were expedited by the breakout of the Lebanon civil war. He liquidated his US practice and moved to Aley in 1975. Soon after arrival, he met the late Dr. Said Jaber who had recently returned from Europe. Together, they saw the great need to treat the war casualties amid a great shortage of medical personnel and supplies. They spent countless days at the front lines and expanded all efforts to secure any supplies locally and from neighboring countries.

With that, Drs Abou Assi and Jaber established a local hospital 'Al Watani'. The work was tough with no electric power, basic supplies, and limited financial resources. They relied on a cadre as volunteers and did their best.

Dr. Adel later worked with the late Sheikh el Akl Mohamad Abu Chakra to establish the Ain W Zain hospital. He was its first medical director.

As his family responsibilities grew, Dr. Adel established this center with the vision of providing Aley with a comprehensive medical facility that provides multiple lines of care. Some of the staff you see here today were by his side from day one.

Through all his activities in the medical field, Dr. Adel spent a great deal of time tending to his beloved organic farm in El Maaser. His vision for good health relied more on a lifestyle respectful of natural law and alternative medicine. He advocated strongly for holistic healing with minimum dependence on traditional medications.

It is our unwavering commitment to carry on Dr. Adel's vision as we continue to strive for first rate medical care for our neighbors.


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