- Dr. Adel abou assi pediatrics American board certified
- Dr. Haifa abou assi chiropractic American board certified
- Dr. Nour el sayegh nutritionist AUB graduate
- Dr. Salam Al Awar Internist Medical Legal Expert
- Dr. Manal kamal eddine iridology Canadian board certified
- Dr. Nabile zahreddine plastic surgery cosmetic gynecology American board certified
- Dr. Boshra zeineddine abou assi nephrology AUB graduate
- Dr. Wassim adnan physical therapy and rehab
- Dr. Mounir khatib ear nose throat
- Dr. Ramzi shukaier orthopedist
- Dr. Maamun nabulsy podiatrist
- Dr. Ghasan maaluf dermatology
- Dr. Najy hanna sports medicine colonic cleansing
- Dr. Nabiel amoury radiologist
- Dr. Waleied fayad gastro
- Ayda ayash massage and aroma therapy


Neck pain, law back pain,
headaches, joint clinic:
-Chiropractic Dr Haifa abouassi American
board certified
-Physiotherapy Dr. wassim adnan
-Orthopedic surgeon Dr.ramzy shakier

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